When Energy Matters for Children

When Energy Matters for children?


Let me tell you a story when energy matters…

When you realise your energy affects that dark matter!

If you as human, are as small as the micro,

would it not make sense, the universe is the macro?


You know Mother Nature looks after her own,

and releases that energy away from her home.

To the big black matter way up in that sky,

so remember your kindness will help all that fly..


Be kind to this planet and things will change,

but be kind to yourself and be that change.

Let’s not create anymore tension,

but a paradigm shift of simple prevention.


We can prevent all that tension,

if we all work together,

let’s have some fun,

and make it all better…


Let’s make your world,

a happier place

and the universe will follow,

with a big smiley face?


??? a wee poem that keeps it simple for our kiddies?


Our Childrens Trust Charity No:SC046439 Scotland



Matt Strassler, theoretical physicist — presently a visiting professor at Harvard University: 

Sometimes one sees poetic language describing the Big Bang as the creation of all the “matter and energy” in the universe. One reads of “matter and anti-matter annihilating into `pure’ energy.” And of course two of the great mysteries of astronomy are “dark matter” and “dark energy”.


“As a scientist and science writer, this phraseology makes me cringe a bit, not because it is deeply wrong, but because such loose talk is misleading to non-scientists. It doesn’t matter much for physicists; these poetic phrases are just referring to something sharply defined in the math or in experiments, and the ambiguous wording is shorthand for longer, unambiguous phrases. But it’s dreadfully confusing for the non-expert, because in each of these contexts a different definition for `matter’ is being used, and a different meaning — in some cases an archaic or even incorrect meaning of `energy’ — is employed. And each of these ways of speaking implies that either things are matter or they are energy — which is false. In reality, matter and energy don’t even belong to the same categories; it is like referring to apples and orangutans, or to heaven and earthworms, or to birds and beach balls.”


*Matter and Energy really aren’t in the same class and shouldn’t be paired in one’s mind.


*Matter, in fact, is an ambiguous term; there are several different definitions used in both scientific literature and in public discourse. *Each definition selects a certain subset of the particles of nature, for different reasons. Consumer beware! Matter is always some kind of stuff, but which stuff depends on context.


*Energy is not ambiguous (not within physics, anyway). But energy is not itself stuff; it is something that all stuff has.


*The term Dark Energy confuses the issue, since it isn’t (just) energy after all. It also really isn’t stuff; certain kinds of stuff can be responsible for its presence, though we don’t know the details.


*Photons should not be called `energy’, or `pure energy’, or anything similar. All particles are ripples in fields and have energy; photons are not special in this regard. Photons are stuff; energy is not.


*The stuff of the universe is all made from fields (the basic ingredients of the universe) and their particles. At least this is the post-1973 viewpoint.


“Energy (as physicists use it) is a well-defined concept that everyone in physics agrees on. Unfortunately, the word in English has so many meanings that it is very easy to become confused about what physicists mean by it….Energy is something that photons have; it is not what photons are.The term “pure energy” is a mix of poetry, shorthand and garbage.”


“Today, if one wants to talk about the world in the context of our modern viewpoint, one can speak first and foremost of the “fields and their particles.” It is the fields that are the basic ingredients of the world, in today’s widely dominant paradigm. What do “fields and particles” have to do with “matter and energy”? Not much. Some fields and particles are what you would call “matter”, but which ones are matter, and which ones aren’t, depends on which definition of “matter” you are using. Meanwhile, all fields and particles can have energy; but none of them are energy.”


“And Dark Energy? It was recently discovered that the universe is expanding faster and faster, not slower and slower as was the case when it was younger. What is presumably responsible is called “dark energy”, but unfortunately, it’s actually not energy. As my colleague Sean Carroll is fond of saying, it is tension, not energy — a combination of pressure and energy density. So why do people call it “energy”? Part of it is public relations. Dark energy sounds cool; dark tension sounds weird.”