Glory with Success

Here is story all about glory,

Is success enough? No it’s never enough…

Why not enough? You are enough!

When you feel small, and it all seems so big,

that headspace is being a bit of a pig!

When your lying in bed … Take time to dream,

of all the things you’ve never seen..
Your always enough,

when things are tough,

believe this stuff,

you are enough!
Write a story all about glory,

the glory of you and how that’s true…

Be kind to yourself and love who you are..

Your headspace is driving, just like a car..
Sometimes your straight and feels like your coasting,

take pride in ones self… It’s really not boasting..

The emergency stop, gives you something to learn…

From this you’ll get knowledge, and wisdom you’ll earn..
Sometimes, you go fast and then you go slow…

You don’t need to learn it all in one go..

Be kind to yourself, life is for living …

So here is a poem and thank you for giving..
Dream big! but start small, then write it all down…

Believe in yourself, and try not to frown.

Don’t fall apart, or split at the seams,

remember your driving, the car of dreams,

Get up every day and fine tune your car,

I think you will find your a bit of a star!:-)

Keep working away, and believe in this stuff…

It’s totally true, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Thank you Marissa Peer this ones for you!

I am writing poems for my project and charity…

My English teachers told me I was not enough, I had no idea I was slightly dyslexic … They scarred me but I’ve started to write poems and believe in what I will acheive!

Kind regards

Our Childrens Trust SC046439