God and the Dog


God and the Dog


I think I met God,

and yes it’s my dog!

She brings peace to my heart,

accept when she farts!


She forgives when I’m grumpy

and never asks why?

Her bum sometime pongs,

her name is Skye…


She stays by my side,

with nothing to hide…

and she’s always the one,

I can truly confide


She walks in my shadow,

but is always my light

then when she sleeps,

she snuggles in tight


I realised tonight,

the privilege is mine

to have something this beautiful,

for such a short time….


This Beautiful Dog,

She’ll come to your school

then when you meet her,

you’ll see she’s real cool


Our Declan loves water!

What can I say…

He’s truly amazing!

He’d swim all day..


Throw him a ball,

and watch him grow tall!

He jumps real high,

way up in the sky,


He runs so fast,

I can never keep up..

So I get on the bike ,

to even things up…


Sky can be shy,

but will always say hi!

loves nothing more,

than lying on the floor..


When you rub her tummy,

shes really funny…

she gives you smile,

then sleeps for a while…


Did you know dog is God?

when it’s spelled backwards:-)

but thinking the cat,

will have a say about that!


The law of a dog,

gives discipline and affection…

They have very good nose

for food and detection…


Please love your dog,

they’re like a best friend

They’ll trust in your heart.

right to the end…


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