Business & Bank Accounts

Our Foundation and Trust, are all about transparency.

Were keeping its simple, don’t expect things too fancy.

Our bank statements are on show,

for everyone to see.

We need you to know,

what we do with your money.

Our website has been done by the lovely Mr Campbell

He does love an ultra and a bit of a ramble.

He’ll help with our workshops and you’ll never see him freak,

We do love him dearly, even though he’s a geek;-)

It’s time to start raising the funds we will need,

To help all these kiddies, do their good deeds…

Here are our details, for everyone to see

A UK Tax payer can type claim tax please…

Every month we will post our statements for all

We’ve nothing to hide, no nothing at all.

Ours Childrens Trust SC046439

Our Childrens Trust                        80 22 60 14686663 

Imagine Scotland Foundation   80 22 60 14688060