Gay life Matters

When you wake up each day, and know that your gay.

You should feel proud, to be one of that crowd

When your batting for both, you didn’t take an oath.

To stay in one camp, as your style it might cramp…

Just cause your straight, doesn’t say we rate..

You as the best, it’s just not a test..

If your a bean, your part of a team

Right now does that matter? there’s lives in tatters!

The rest of the animals, that live on this planet.

Don’t trust each other, by race, creed or colour..

So here is thought about what your not taught..

when push comes to shove… We all need to love…

A child never hates, it’s just not a trait..

It’s not sent from heaven or a even a given

It’s just what their taught and hate leaves us fraught,

with anger and dangers for simple stranger

Our Childrens Trust SC046439